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We are events planners in Barcelona, we work directly with all the big name Strip Clubs and Brothels in the city, providing you with free transport and special offers.

On a Budget Strip Club Barcelona

So on a budget Strip Clubs in Barcelona
With Brothels And Strip Clubs you can have fun in Barcelona on almost any budget. If you’ve got €500, you can have a unforgettable time. €150? still wont forget your night. €50? You can still have fun. €30 You’re still in for a good night .
Still, Barcelona strip clubs have a reputation for being pricey, and for good reason. The most common entry fee in to topless strip club is now minimum €20 with a free drink , and most club price’s the drinks at €10-€20 per after that , and when you add the taxi fare from most  hotels and another €20-€40 if you have a lap dance , you’re looking at €60-€120.
€30 budget strip club or brothel offer
Let’s say I’m a tourist in Barcelona for the weekend, staying in the W HOTEL with two of my friends, and after two crazy nights , I’ve got only €30 left for fun. I was really hoping to see a strip club while I was in town. Is there anywhere I can afford to go?
I’m glad you asked. Our favourite club has open beer bar offer for just €30.
Plus you get free transport there and back. (Return only until 4am)
last but not least a free private dance with the door closed behind you.
Also If you go in a taxi to any of the strip clubs or brothels you will be charged min €50 and more as they make a big commissions from the tourists in Barcelona.

Stag and Bachelor parties

We can provide unforgettable nights, strippers and great hangovers lol
If you want to surprise the Stag when he gets to the club we can have the doormen arrest him and tell him his waiting for the police to come we will then have him taken away by one of our strippers dressed up as a sexy police officer and then offer a free private show for him and his friends.

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