How it works

So your in Barcelona and want to visit some of the nicest strip clubs.
This is how it works!
First call us and explain what type of strip club you are looking for as there various different types here. Then we will tell you what the best one is for you, we then arrange you free transport from where ever you are in Barcelona, may it be a restaurant, bar, club or in your hotel we will collect you and return you when you are finished FREE OF CHARGE! 
You will have to wait on approximately 15 to 20 minutes for the taxi we will also send you a photo of the vehicle that will be collecting you, just so you know who’s colleting you, when you arrive at the club on the reception of the club they will ask you for you entry fee witch is either e20 or e30 with you drink included. Now once you are inside the club you can enjoy the Free LIVE show all night until 6am. Now wether you spend money in there or not when you want to go home just send us a message or call us and we will arrange you transport back home when you are ready. 
Now that is it as simple as that so what are you waiting for call us now!


Frequently asked questions

You pay when you arrive at the club .Either 20/30 euros depending on how many drinks you want 

We offer you free transport to and from our clubs.

The Shuttle service is only available 21:30-04:00.

You just call us and we will send you one of our drivers to collect you and when your finished call us and we wil send you another driver to collect you and take you home.

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