The best Strip Clubs in Barcelona

recommended strip club No.1

This as I said before if my first pick. it has become my first choice because you can pay on the entrance just 30 euros and receive an open beer bar all-night or for the same 30 euros you can get two mixed alcohol drinks or if you want the minimum entry it is just 20 euros with two beers or a mixed drink . Now inside this club there is over 30 girls every night and believe me when I tell you they are hot!! They have bedrooms inside the club for sex and private rooms for dancing. Ever 20 minutes there will be a new girl dancing on the stage. 

recommended strip club No.2

This Strip Club Brothel is more of a gentlemen’s club as it is high class and expensive but worth every penny. This club is one of the biggest and most luxurious club in Barcelona right now! they have 50-60 girls every night and it is a very cosy. 

recommended strip club No.3

This is one of my smaller clubs it has 15-20 beautiful girls inside they also have bedrooms inside the club with jacuzzi  and showers, its a small but very elegant club.

recommended strip club No.4

So this Strip Club Brothel has 50+ girls every night if you want good blonde eastern European girls then this is the club for you this is a very nice club and you will enjoy your evening 

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